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I have been associated with Leanne all my life growing up in the Bogan Gate area with our mothers being best friends.

Leanne’s ability to write stories, poetry and anything in written form is truly amazing. I know that she has mentored young journalists over her long career passing on her knowledge, experience and flair as they developed their careers.

I was shocked and saddened to see that she had been made redundant mid 2020, however, not surprised as we had spoken about the demise of the newspaper industry in recent years due to many factors, especially social media.

It’s so great to see Leanne using her artistic flair and writing expertise in unison to create Front Page Gifts.

These gifts are so personal and meaningful to their recipients.

I ordered one for my daughter and son in law on the arrival of their first baby, and our first grandchild.

Life events don’t get much bigger!

I sent off some brief info to Leanne which she then weaved into a fluent newspaper article.

Receiving it approx. a week later, it really did look like a cut out front page - framed for posterity.

I know it will take pride of place in their home, evoking memories of their daughter's birth and the joyous time it bought to all our family.

These gifts are unique, one off and individually created.

Jennifer Harris

Parkes NSW

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