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When Front Page Gifts was formed in September last year, we introduced you to Lucy the Little Dog from Marketing.

She played a very important role in the establishment of the business when the first “Pooch Herald” was produced and she was the star.

In the past five months, plenty of editions of the “Pooch Herald” have been produced for several different breeds of dogs. They make a great gift for a dog lover.

Lucy recently returned to Queensland after seven weeks on the road – a holiday and a marketing trip!

During her time away, she made many new friends – of the human and the four-legged kind.

There were dogs of all shapes, sizes, ages and breeds along the way.

Lucy thinks they should all have their own newspaper.

So, Front Page Gifts has now created several new mastheads to suit different dog breeds.

There’s the Cattle Dog Chronicle, the Terrier Times, the Maltese Mercury, the Greyhound Gazette and the Beagle Bulletin.

All the products produced by Front Page Gifts are custom-made so you can actually call them whatever you like!

Of course, we also produce these gifts for humans – and they are proving popular as presents for birthdays, anniversaries, engagements, farewells, retirements and births.

Check out the gallery on this website to see some recent examples – or dog lovers – check out the mastheads below.

Email for more information or to place an order.

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