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I had the pleasure of working with Leanne from Front Page Gifts over a period of eight years at News Regional Media.

It didn’t take long after first meeting the managing editor of the Whitsunday Times - Leanne’s position at the time - to see she was a champion of the people and the community she loved so dearly.

As a long serving managing editor and later a multi media director for News Corp, Leanne used her excellent writing, editing, design and production skills to help produce high quality newspapers and websites throughout Queensland and northern NSW.

To the journalism graduates she has mentored over her working life, I say you struck gold when Leanne took you under her wing.

She taught you well, leading by example and giving freely of her time and knowledge to prepare you for your future journalism endeavours.

But those who have worked with Leanne in the high pressure and demanding media environment would probably use this idiom to best describe their work mate and friend.

"If you were up a creek without a paddle, Leanne is the one you would want by your side."

Champ, good luck with your new business.

You have produced thousands of front pages during your career and I have no doubt your new titles will be equally loved and read.

Long live the front page!

And your penchant for meeting a deadline.

Denise Pickering is the former Editor-in-Chief,

Regional non-dailies, News Regional Media.

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